Toddler Years Sleep Series by Babogue - The Sleep Series

Toddler Years Sleep Series

This video based course will bring you through what to expect from your Toddlers Sleep. What we will cover will include, dealing with their new found independence, transitioning to the Toddler bed & dropping those naps.

Toddler Sleep Series Testimonials

Since implementing the steps recommended in the Toddler Sleep Series our toddler (23 months) who had been a terrible sleeper since birth due to chronic reflux is now sleeping 7pm-7am. If we do have the odd bad night we know what to do now to keep us on track, thanks Erica x
O'Connor Family, Ireland

What is included in The Toddler Years Sleep Series ?

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Course Content

The Toddler Years Introduction
Welcome to The Sleep Series
3 mins
Module 1 - How To Use The Sleep Series
How To Use The Sleep Series
2 mins
Module 2 - Sleep Environment
Sleep Environment
8 mins
Module 3 - Why Sleep Is So Important
Why Sleep Is So Important
3 mins
Module 4 - Science of Sleep
Science of Sleep
8 mins
Module 5 - Feeding Preferences
Feeding Preferences
5 mins
Module 6 - Sleep Expectations
Sleep Expectations
5 mins
Module 7 - Sleep Associations v Blips
Sleep Associations v Blips
8 mins
Module 8 - 7 Steps to Better Sleep
7 Steps To Better Sleep
(1h 14m 21s)
Module 9 - Special Topics
Special Topics - Seperation anxiety, Forming a bond with a Lovie, New Mobility, Travel & Holidays, Sickness, Early Rising, Ditching The Soother, Transition to Big Bed, Potty Training & Bedtime Fears
(1h 08m 45s)
Thank You
Thank You
2 mins
Digital Downloads
Babogue Sleep Log / Journal
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Reward Chart
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Toddler Years Guide Routines
279 KB
Toddler Years Case Study A
56.8 KB
Toddler Years Case Study B
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Toddler Years 7 Steps to Better Sleep Summary.pdf
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Black Bag Trick - Important Notice.pdf
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