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Newborn Sleep Series

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What does The Newborn Sleep Series Include ?

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Course Content

Welcome To The Newborn Sleep Series
Welcome To The Sleep Series
2 mins
Module 1 - How To Use The Sleep Series
How To Use The Sleep Series
2 mins
Module 2 - Coming Home
Coming Home
1 min
Module 3 - Safe Sleep Guidelines
Safe Sleep Guidelines
6 mins
Module 4 - Safe Sleep Environment
Safe Sleep Environment
6 mins
Module 5 - Looking After Yourself
Looking After Yourself
3 mins
Module 6 - Why Sleep Is So Important
Why Sleep Is So Important
4 mins
Module 7 - Science of Sleep
Science of Sleep
5 mins
Module 8 - Feeding Preferences
Feeding Preferences
4 mins
Module 9 - Sleep Expectations
Sleep Expectations
5 mins
Module 10 - 7 Steps To Better Sleep
7 Steps To Better Sleep
29 mins
Module 11 - Special Topics
Special Topics including Wind, Colic, Reflux, Sickness & Travel / Holidays
9 mins
Thank You
Thank You
2 mins
Digital Downloads
Babogue Sleep Log
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Newborn 7 Steps to Better Sleep Summary
113 KB
Newborn Guide Routines
670 KB
Newborn Case Study
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Black Bag Trick - Important Notice.pdf
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Newborn Sleep Series Testimonials

I can't get over how quickly he has adapted to the new sleep routine and myself and my husband have been able to sit and have dinner together on consecutive evenings and feel like we are getting some of our time back for ourselves in the evenings. We are also getting more sleep ourselves since our night feeds have been cut down. I have also found it great having some type of routine outline as laid out in the plan, its given us some structure to my days and understanding of how important the daytime naps are and how they can effect and disrupt the night time sleep... overall I'm thrilled with the results so far and can't recommend this course enough.
Olivia Nelson, Ireland