9-18 Month Sleep Series by Babogue - The Sleep Series

9-18 Month Sleep Series

This video based course will empower you on what to expect from your little ones sleep during the crucial development stage. 

9-18 Month Sleep Series Testimonials

I can not recommend Erica and Babogue Sleep enough! We purchased the 9-18 month Sleep Series a few months ago and haven’t looked back since. What I especially like is that if you ever have any queries about anything, the private Facebook group is always there. Erica, thank you so much.
Marie Ryan, Ireland
Erica is so warm and friendly, feels like you are talking to a friend from the start. Our 10 month old was refusing naps and taking at least an hour to put down at night with multiple wakings every night.  We are into day two of the Sleep Series 9-18 Months and our little girl is now going down at night and sleeping through the night and her naps have drastically improved. Cannot believe it !
Aisling Parker, Ireland
Thanks for giving us the confidence to make the change with our 14 month old. She was BF until 11 months and the habit was there but it wasn't sustainable long term.  There are so many books out there but your kindness and compassion and your presentation of the content make it so much easier. Thank you and take care.
Sheila Lynch, USA

What is included in the 9-18 Months Sleep Series?

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Course Content

Welcome to the 9-18 Month Sleep Series
Welcome to The Sleep Series
2 mins
Module 1 - How To Use The Sleep Series
How To Use The Sleep Series
2 mins
Module 2 - Safe Sleep Guidelines
Safe Sleep Guidelines
6 mins
Module 3 - Safe Sleep Environment
Safe Sleep Environment
6 mins
Module 4 - Why Sleep Is So Important
Why Sleep Is So Important
3 mins
Module 5 - Science of Sleep
Science of Sleep
7 mins
Module 6 - Feeding Preferences
Feeding Preferences
5 mins
Module 7 - Sleep Expectations
Sleep Expectations
6 mins
Module 8 - Sleep Associations vs Blips
Sleep Associations v Blips
8 mins
Module 9 - The 7 Steps To Better Sleep
7 Steps To Better Sleep
(1h 14m 35s)
Module 10 - Special Topics
Special Topics - Seperation anxiety, Forming a bond with a Lovie, New Mobility, Out & About, Travel & Holidays, Sickness, Reflux & Teething, Early Rising, Ditching The Soother, Transition to one Nap
50 mins
Thank You
Thank You
2 mins
Digital Dowloads
Babogue Sleep Log / Journal
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9 - 18 Month Guide Routines
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9-18 Month Case Study A
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9-18 Month Case Study B
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9-18 Mths 7 Steps to Better Sleep Summary.pdf
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Black Bag Trick - Important Notice.pdf
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