6-9 Month Sleep Series by Babogue - The Sleep Series

6-9 Month Sleep Series

This video based course will empower you on what to expect from your little one and how to establish settled sleep from as early as possible.

6-9 Months Sleep Series Testimonials

The 6-9 month Sleep Series has worked wonders in such a short time! I can't believe it! It was night 3 last night and our nearly 7 month old slept right through from 7-7. Thank you so much!
Cara, Ireland
Hi Erica, I just want to say thank you. Tom's sleeping has improved so much since we started to implement your steps from the Sleep Series. He's started sleeping through the night this week. Found your Sleep Series fantastic and the online support. I'll be recommending it to everyone. Thank you so much. 
Niamh Heany, Ireland

What is included in the 6-9 Months Sleep Series?

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Course Content

Welcome to the 6 - 9 Month Sleep Series
Welcome to The Sleep Series
3 mins
Module 1 - How To Use The Sleep Series
How To Use The Sleep Series
2 mins
Module 2 - Safe Sleep Guidelines
Safe Sleep Guidelines
6 mins
Module 3 - Sleep Environment
Sleep Environment
6 mins
Module 4 - Why Sleep Is So Important
Why Sleep Is So Important
3 mins
Module 5 - Science of Sleep
Science of Sleep
6 mins
Module 6 - Feeding Preferences
Feeding Preferences
6 mins
Module 7 - Sleep Expectations
Sleep Expectations
8 mins
Module 8 - Sleep Associations vs Blips
Sleep Associations v Blips
8 mins
Module 9 - 7 Steps To Better Sleep
7 Steps To Better Sleep
(1h 18m 54s)
Module 10 - Special Topics
Special Topics - Seperation anxiety, Forming a bond with a Lovie, New Mobility, Out & About, Travel & Holidays, Sickness, Reflux & Teething, Early Rising
34 mins
Thank You
Thank You
2 mins
Digital Downloads
Babogue Sleep Log / Journal
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6 - 9 Months Guide Routine
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6-9 Months - 7 Steps to Better Sleep Summary
25.2 KB
6-9 Month Case Study
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Black Bag Trick - Important Notice.pdf
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