Newborn Sleep Series

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4-6 Month Sleep Series

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6-9 Month Sleep Series

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9-18 Month Sleep Series

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Toddler Years Sleep Series

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The Complete Sleep Series

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What is The Sleep Series?

Sleep Series Testimonials

The 6-9 month Sleep Series has worked wonders in such a short time! I can't believe it! It was night 3 last night and our nearly 7 month old slept right through from 7pm-7am. Thank you so much!
Cara, Ireland

The Sleep Series

Welcome to the Sleep Series. This video based course will empower you on what to expect from your childs sleep from newborn right through to the toddler years.

At the core of each course is my 7 Steps to Better Sleep that will give you the tool kit on how to create healthy sleep habits for your little one through the age ranges.

Erica x